Yetzer Tov

We should always be working on being good. Speaking if not with the Most High in prayer in a full time conservation with that "good little angel" on our shoulder. NEW TERMINOLOGY WARNING: The Yestzer Hara and the Yetzer Tov are tools we need to use. That is we are always in a mental dialog with ourselves, influenced by either our Yetzer Hara (our evil inclination) or the Yetzer Tov (our good inclination). Guess what, those cartoon images where there is somebody thinking and on one of their shoulders is a little devil and on the other a good little angel – this is from scripture. Genesis 6:5 and 8:21. But please allow me to explain paraphrasing a great gadolim. " We are created for the purpose of being drawn close to the Most High. He is placed us between perfection and deficiency, with the power to earn perfection of our soul. We must earn this through his own free will. Our inclinations are therefore balanced between good (Yetzer Tov) and evil (Yetzer Hara), and we are not compelled toward either of them. We have the power of choice and is able to choose either side knowingly and willingly." As my HaRav Arush said, "Being Good is not the main thing, It is the Only thing."
– Shalom