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Yehoshvah Mission

What is our mission statement?

A church is not a building. No, not even the flesh and blood persons occupying the pews. It is a communion of souls whose true home is our Father’s kingdom of heaven. This is the true congregation of any church. Given the true congregation is a communion of souls, when each of us commits to prayer we are gathered “in the spirit”. It is not the internet or telephone or post office that binds us but, the work of the Holy Spirit.

A clear and PRIMARY FOCUS on this understanding is what makes our prayer team different from any other prayer team or ministry. We never pray alone. As a spiritual exercise, whenever you respond to a prayer request here it is central that you are aware of our souls in direct communication in that temple not “made with hands’. You should actually feel the presence of the other members of the team as if they were in the same room with you.
The name “Yehoshvah” means “The Lord is my salvation”. In Christianity it represents the saving grace of the Father proceeding from the Son through the action of the Holy Spirit. Understanding the action of the Holy Spirit in covering our prayer requests is key to understanding how our small prayer team works. This is of course true of any prayer team but, we are different because we strive to have a full understanding and awareness.

This prayer team has it origins way back to 2006 when I was hospitalized for 5 months after the removal of a non-cancerous brain tumor. Friends were praying for me and as I recovered we stayed together and started praying for each other. We are by and large conservative and after Obama’s election in 2008 we began discussions about the End Times which led to our formal gathering in October of 2009. I thought some of you might be interested to know how this all came about.

This prayer team was officially founded in October of 2009 by Kate Wells, Luke Gonzalez, Cindy Gialluca, Lesli Jackson, A. J. Godigkeit, Chad Tipps, Bret Major, Mark Moorman, David Lee, Jeff Luftig, Shelley Creaser and Gerald Butts. We are Bible based non-denominational Conservative Christians. We do not engage in debates about party politics or denominational theology as they distract from our devotion to the Lord. Each member has their own personal belief system and we do not attempt to impose our personal beliefs on other members.

Facebook has different policies on what it considers a small group or a large group. Facebook considers a group with 250 or more members as large and less than 250 as small. The details are boring but, in order manage this group for our purposes we need to remain small. We are currently less than 100 and to maintain a tight fellowship we need not grow much larger. That being said, if you feel VERY STRONGLY about a Christian friend who understands the mission statement, we should allow them membership. Just keep in mind that we need to maintain the tight fellowship we have by remaining very small. Thank you and God bless.