When You’re Going Thru It

Published on: Mar 22, 2014 @ 04:34

When you are
going thru a major crisis or storm,
Give it to God for His love is so lovingly warm.
You can’t change what His plans are for you,
Just know His love is oh
so true.
He will never let you down or feeling lonely,
He will always be there for you only.
That is His promise He made to us all,
As long as we are following and heeding His call.
Follow The Lord and watch what will happen,
For His Mercy, Love
and Grace are of His
infinite compassion.
Don’t get caught up on what other people think,
Even if at times when you feel you’re on the brink.
The brink of feeling like no one really cares,
Just remember He is listening when you say your prayers.
God is always listening that you can surely bet,
Just remember it was Jesus Who paid all of our debt!
He took it on the cross that day on Calvary,
All our debts He paid with such amazing mastery.
So lets thank The Lord for all His constant love,
That He has always shown us that comes from God above.