Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

On Race:
As in any gathering of persons of equal rank, among peers with the same goal; someone must lead. White supremacy is real because at this point in human history, the white man leads the herd. When it is your turn to lead we will let you know. Until either follow or get out of the way.
On Religion:
Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the ONLY man to have ever return from the dead. He is eternally alive. No other religion can make that claim of its founder.
On Politics:
Political parties were never meant to be. We are a Republic. We the people represent the only hope for America. Elected officials must be subject to the same laws they create. The democratic party is a farce and should be destroyed by any means possible.
On Sexuality:
Homosexuality is wrong because the only purpose of sexuality and intercourse is procreation. Even for heterosexuals. The pleasures of natural sexuality are reserved only for those maintaining the species. All others sexual activity is sin.
On Work:
You work for your own bread or starve. If your peers are willing to aide you in distress it is to their merit and your benefit. They are in no wise obligated to help or support you. It is God’s grace alone.
On Finance:
Credit and usury are evil. You must keep your budget balanced. If you cannot afford it then do not buy it. Plain and simple. What you cannot purchase, barter.
On War:
There is no difference between the enlisted and the civilian. Each can become either at any point in time. Therefore we have no rules of engagement. You must totally destroy your enemy without mercy or else he will return and rend you to pieces. Shoot first and ask questions later. Kill them all and let God sort them out.