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Thy Will Be Done

Cindy Gialluca
Posted at 2:24 AM on October 2, 2009
A few nights ago the group of us began to discuss the possibility of whether or not Obama was the Anti-Christ or just the precursor who sets the stage for the coming evil. It was from this question that this group was born.
God moved among us and said “I task you to take what I have given you in the writings of my books, to study it, compare it to what you are experiencing today, and find the parallels to what I have warned you is coming.”
As he said these words, he chose 12 of us to take upon ourselves this task. He chose people of diverse backgrounds, and differing religious experiences and beliefs, yet brought us together with the goal of taking what he has caused to be written and to apply it to the events we are witnessing, and to make aware those who will listen of the events foretold in his writings.