There Was A Country Called America!

I once heard it stood for freedom, self-reliance, and justice for all. As a country it didn’t live very long, just a few hundred years or so, but while it lived it was a wondrous place to behold. It was an Eden for those who lived in it and dreamed their dreams of who they would be and what they would do. You see, you were only limited by your ambition, resolve and imagination to make it on your own. I have been told America was the envy of the world.
Its end came on the soft kitten paws of socialism, cloaked as love and concern for all, but especially for the poor and those still trying to find their dream. The left came to the people with tongues laced with soft, sweet lies to lull the people into doing what they thought was right. They thought those with dreams not yet born and realized would fall prey to their schemes much more easily.
The real agenda the left labored for was control of these good people by an ever-growing government that soon could not govern itself. The left continued to lie to the people, and gave them free things so the people would trust them and like them and be beholden to them. They would learn to speak the left’s lies in their own words, as if it were the truth. It was just another trap to steal away their resolve to do things for themselves and to be able to reach the highest and loftiest of dreams.
Now the left lied about those who made their dreams real and pointed a jealous finger at them. They turned what used to be a thing of much celebration into a cankerous, hate-filled object of ridicule. Those who had found their American dream were now looked upon as evil. The left had turned the good people against their own kind in a twist of lies; the left told them that those who were rich had stolen it from the poor when the truth was that the rich gave a hand up to the people.
So time went on in this land of America, and what it was once founded on had become a loathsome thing. The left told the people that nothing America had done or did was right. Even America’s history of good was twisted for the young to learn. The people twice elected a President of the left who sneered at the thought of America and went about fundamentally changing it, to the delight of the left and their paid sycophants.
The Torch of freedom grew dim and the people started to forget how beautiful and glorious America once was. The left’s lies never stopped until at long last the truth was there for all to see. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the left had offered up the squalid, putrid sameness of socialism and the heavy hand of government control over everything the people did and thought. America with her golden promise slipped away in the dark with only a few older Americans still remembering her shining glory.
This is only a story I tell you now, but if those of us who truly love America do not stand up for her, it will come true. The ending can be changed, but only if you care enough to give of your time and hold the hand of liberty as we walk through the swamp of lies offered up by the left. America still lives but we must come to her aid this November and again in 2016. We must never again take our eyes off this great country. We must never again allow the festering lies of liberal socialism to worm their way in.
May God Bless America and May God Bless All Those Who Protect Her!
– J. A. Virley –