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Eternal Day

AlMighty Father, who hath given me hands to fight and feet to take flight – how shall I abandon Thee. Should the sever the tongue from my mouth, I will speak in signs of Thee, Who is like unto thee who casts light where there is only darkness? Grace where there lieth but void? And the Three Sisters Thou cauesth to dance and to sing. In Thee alone they hath found joy. And I speaketh as a madman washed in Thy Glory. Nay, I am drowned in Thy boldness; for Thee alone has open the ossuary of Pandora and closed the curtain on the old ways of the heathen and dare light that which is new under the sun.
Tremble, for the sons of darkness hath become the harbingers of Light. Who is He that redeemeth evil – snatches the scepter of destiny from the hand of Satan and caueseth him to serve Thee in Thy temple and now in the hinterlands we light the Cross. The cross of eternal redemption where thee are like unto God and thy neighbor the face of the Holy One. We are one in His glorified body “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.” – Matthew 24:28