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The Dark Man

The Dark Man
He came to me in the darkness of my hour
Whispering to me I will give you power
What is this power you tell me of
You can have it over love
Over riches
Over fame and fortune
I paused and thought, why not
You will not need for anything
Tell it, say it and you can make your claim
What temptation flowing into my ear
Tell me more, I really want to hear
The dark man sat beside me
Smiling with diabolical glee
He took me to a place
High on the moutain top
I looked into his eyes
Saw treachery in his heart lies
But I had no power to turn away
I held on all he had to say
How I wanted it all, I was swayed
How can this be any harm
Oh, this man had so much charm
I made my list,
But his words he did twist
The dotted line seen so genuine
My head spun
My knees buckled
I knew then
This man was the maker of sin
He again smiling
His word so beguiling
So close I knew
For this, what do you want me to do
OH, just one small token
He crapped around to my back
Gave me a paper to sign
What did he have in mind
Just your soul
Just your soul
Nothing more than what you have been told
NO…I will not=
I can not
Why was I being sought
I am on a mission the dark man said
The time is close
What have you choose
I will keep my soul
He left in a flurry of hate
No deal tonight he would make
Watch out of this dark man
He will take what ever he can
The price is to large and to great
Pray the Lord my soul to take
He is gone, but he could come back
My soul is not mine
It belongs to God the divine
Don’t throw your pearls to the swine
He is the taker of men
He cannot take it willingly
It must be given freely
Not this time dark man
My life and soul is Gods
It is to heaven I will rode
One day I will make Heaven my home
My being is His and His alone..