Archive Letters

The Celestial War

by Rose Mary Mckenzie
There was a war in the heavenly’s
Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled
Who would win, who would crumble
I will take your away your home
I will place myself upon Your throne
There was a war in the heavenly’s
I am beautiful, an angel of Your making
Ascending to your seat, it’s mine for the taking
I have an army that will fight with me
We will win, and force you into the celestial sea
The lightning flashed, the thunder rumbled
As the demands were yelled and made
God called them to Him, He drew His blade
You will never take my throne
I will send you and your army to a new home
Casting you out of my domain
Go away, hell with be your new claim
The lightning flashed, thunder rumble
And so it’s been for that time on
God is in His home and rules on His throne
Which do you choose, will you win, will you lose
Choose wisely, is it Heaven or hell
Hell was made for Satan and his angels you I tell
Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He paid your bail
The lightning flashed, thunder rumbled
He is coming again taking us to Him self
The day or the hour no one can tell
We will be there ten thousand years
No more death, pain, sorrow or weeping of tears
At home in Heaven praising God on His throne
Shout dear children, we are finally home.
The lightning flashed, the thunder rumbled
Satan and his angles, crumble, and to hell tumbled