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Testimony of Sister Lesli

Hey guys… I have written out part of my testimony.. I want to get to the good stuff.. so I am just going to give a very brief background so you all can appreciate the good stuff.. I am writing a long version of my testimony.. but I feel like this will be good for now.. Plus.. it is super long.. so here goes the short version.. –and this one is long yall. Sorry.. there is just a lot too it..
I want to start this out by just giving you guys an idea of how much pain I was in.. the kind of pains that leads to a life time of addiction..
I was sexually abused by 2 people when I was 4 years old. One was a babysitter… one was a teenage boy in our church. I can pinpoint the incident with him as being the most traumatic event of my life.. the one that scarred me to the core of my being.. It was that incident that started the gaping hole in my heart..
My parents were in ministry…. Most of the people in my family are also in ministry.. so I was brought up in the church.. The problem is.. that I was sexually abused in 3 of those churches growing up. The churches also were very legalistic, dead and I was dangled over hell a great deal of the time. This made me despise and hate Christians. I hated church, I was mad at God.. and I despised my mother for making me go to churches where I was continually harmed.. even though she knew nothing about it.
My addiction to alcohol and drugs started early and continued until this year. I had a miraculous experience with Jesus Christ in 1998.. He made Himself real to me.. I started trying to go to church.. but again.. had horrible experiences.. I had 4 months sober at one time.. quickly fell.. turned away from God until this year..
A quick run down of the past 10 years….
Year 2000.. my father got cancer and died within 6 weeks.. I was devastated..
2002 – my cousin James hung himself
7 months later.. 2003 my cousin Sabrina hung herself.. she was the little sister to James..
2 weeks later.. my uncle George died..
3 weeks later my mother died of cancer also.. she died within 6 weeks of finding out.. just like my dad..
3 weeks after her death.. my cousin Jennifer died of a freak staff infection… she was the sister to James and Sabrina. Meaning, my Aunt Karen lost 3 of her 6 children and a sister in less than 9 months..
During this time I had a severe family betrayal that ripped my heart out.. I am not at liberty to discuss this..
I also had some family members break into my house and rob me blind while I was in Houston.. I had run out of insurance money, was having an estate sale and they cleared me out. That left me with no money, no place to live and I tried to end my life… I thought I would be homeless… My ex-boyfriend saved my life. I called him at the last minute.. and he came to my rescue. I would be dead had he not.
Needless to say, my life was trashed.. I was in so much pain at this point that I gave up. I made a conscience decision to get strung out.. The ex boyfriend happened to be an attorney… he found some money in an account that my mother had.. and I was able to get into a cute little loft.. but that was short lived. A drug dealer had introduced me to cocaine.. He shot me up for the first time and I was hooked first shot.. I lost everything I had within 6 weeks.. I lost my Jeep to a different drug dealer.. and I ended up homeless.. Not sleeping on the streets.. but sleeping on people’s couches.. and over staying my welcome everywhere.. etc.. I stayed strung out solid for about 3 or 4 years.. Went to 3 rehabs.. All the hell that comes with that kind of addiction.. it was mine.. I lived it everyday.. I had moved in with a boyfriend who happened to be a mortgage broker.. he was a severe drug addict himself.. but he tried to rescue me.. We ended up spending $10,000 in 10 days on cocaine and crack.. we lost our apartment.. then I was couch surfing again.. He went to rehab.. found me.. I moved back in with him.. he tried to get me sober.. but I just couldn’t do it.. we both kept relapsing.. all hell broke loose.. stuff I can’t talk about.. etc..
So.. we split up.. again.. and again.. and again..
I managed to get sober for a couple of months and get a really good job.. But I quickly fell back into addiction once I had money again.. I got addicted to hard core diet pills from the doctor – again.. I have had a long term addiction with them as well… I was taking diet pills all day so I could work.. then, smoking crack all night.. every night. I managed to pay the rent and the bills.. but barely..
During this time… I would reach out to God from time to time.. usually in an emergency.. But I wouldn’t surrender to Him.. I managed to get the needle out of my arm that year.. I had a severe warning from God about it at a church service I had attended.. and I quit shooting cocaine.. I smoked crack instead.. thinking that it would be okay… I knew I would die if I kept shooting dope..
Okay.. so… I lost that job.. I quit because I couldn’t pass a drug test.. I got so depressed.. I started desperately trying to find another job.. but it wasn’t happening.. I was started giving one of my drug dealers rides in exchange for crack.. It seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me at the time. I had no idea what was to come..
The accident that saved my life…….
It was a Saturday night.. 2:36 am.. I had just dropped off the drug dealer.. I was sober.. waiting to get home so I could smoke crack.. I stopped at an intersection.. my light turned green.. I proceeded.. A drunk driver ran a turn light.. and hit me almost head on.. My car was totaled.. I was thinking to myself as it happened.. “Oh no… I’m not right with God”.. The airbag went off and hit me in the face.. Throwing my neck back and plunging my head into the window… But I got out of the car.. walked away from it. Very upset about the car.. but I felt that I had cheated death.. I went home.. smoked my crack…
A few days later, I ran into an old boyfriend.. Very cute.. very big.. great personality.. and he was a hard core drug addict.. Which was even better.. He had plenty of what I wanted.. We started shooting dope.. We went to a friend’s apartment.. I did a shot of meth that rocked my world.. my world went crooked.. I had also been shooting cocaine.. not sterilizing anything.. because I didn’t care.. I wanted to die anyway..
3 days after that shot.. the pain hit.. I felt like I had a vertebrae out of place.. it was uncomfortable… by the next night.. I was screaming in pain.. He took me to the emergency room.. they heard “addict” and “no insurance” and sent me on my way.. I went to 5 more hospitals.. and was mis-diagnosed at each of them.. I was in trouble and I knew it.. I thought that I had poisoned myself with the crystal meth..
I would have muscle spasms in my neck.. equivalent to labor pain.. but in my neck.. I was running a low grade fever.. I would cry.. scream into a pillow.. I couldn’t get any help.. Pain medicine wasn’t working.. AT ALL.. The Vicoden that I managed to get barely helped.. and it quickly ran out..
So… after about 12 days of this.. I knew I was dying.. I didn’t know how or why.. but I knew that I was.. So I started crying out to God.. I just so happen to find a few Norvel Hayes tapes.. He is my spiritual father… and possibly one of the greatest men of God I have ever met… He was teaching about worship.. and about faith. And confessing scripture etc.. So I started turning on my worship music that my sister had given me.. I would worship God until the pain left.. I worshiped Him thru the pain..
I also repented for everything I could think of.. Forgave everyone that I could think of.. and I would worship.. I would worship until His presence filled the room.. and it did.. that is the only relief of the pain that I could get.. My sister took me to one more hospital.. they deemed me a “non-emergency”.. wouldn’t even talk to me.. and it was over.. I had no where to turn but up..
I got worse and worse over the next few days.. but I continued my little routine of Norvel tapes and worship.. I finally told Jesus that I didn’t have the faith for Him to heal me.. because I didn’t know what was wrong with me.. but that I did have the faith for Him to get me to the right doctor.. and would He please do so.. The trauma was so bad to my body that it made my hair start falling out.. it would come out in clumps.. Then, I called the last ambulance..
The Miracle…
I was taken to Herman Memorial Woodlands Hospital, right outside of Houston, Texas. The attending physician diagnosed me with a broken neck within 10 minutes of that visit.. I was admitted into the hospital within 30 minutes.. I ended up with the neuro surgeon who teaches neuro-surgery. Yeah.. I got that guy.. Who also happens to be a Christian.. and so is his partner… these guys would hold hands and pray over my body before every surgery.. After I got out of intensive care, I got my own private room.. in the nicest hospital in Houston… I had the best food.. the best doctors.. and… I was treated like a princess.. –instead of an addict.. I could feel the presence of God in my room at night.. and.. a lot of my 3 am nurses.. just so happen to be delivered crack addicts.. they were on fire for God and they would pray for me..
My diagnosis…Was a broken neck with a spinal abscess.. MRSA.. that is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It had gone to the breakage in my neck.. and desentegrated C4 & C5 of my vertebrae.. It was about 24 hours away from settleing into my spinal fluid itself and killing me.. The doctors prepared my family that I would probably die… that if they could save me, I probably would be paralyzed from the neck down.. but to pray… They believed in miracles..
And a miracle is what I got.. I spent several months in the hospital, had 3 surgeries.. and here I am today.. walking, talking.. running at night with my little dog..
When I got out of the hospital… it was an uphill battle.. I was still having terrible cravings.. Then, almost seven months ago.. .. I got tired of it.. I was miserable, living in emotional pain.. not dealing with any of the reasons why I was an addict in the first place.. So.. I just cried out to God.. the only way I knew how.. I screamed some stuff to God.. that I can’t really repeat.. But I got real with Him. I told Him that I was done.. I surrendered to Him for the first time in my life.. Not because I needed Him to rescue me out of a situation.. but because I needed Him period.. and I was done with the way I was living. I asked Him to save me.. and to take away the obsession for drugs..
I woke up the next day.. and the obsession for drugs was gone.. Just gone.. daily thoughts.. thoughts that went thru my head 24/7 were gone.. I immediately decided to start going to AA meetings.. I got my old sponsor back.. who is awesome.. I started working the 12 steps.. 2 months after the obsession lifted.. A man named Pastor Fabion prayed for me.. I went thru 3-1/2hours of deliverance.. If anyone wants to know about it.. I will be happy to share it.. just send me an email.. Once the deliverance took place.. all of a sudden I could read the bible –and understand it.. I started reading books.. trying to learn everything I could about Jesus.. I wanted to know Jesus.. I also for the first time since I was a teenager.. went back to church.. got under the greatest pastor in the universe.. His name is Pastor Rod Larkins.. He and his wife have taken me under their wing.. they love me, the text me all the time.. and they pray for me.. the church is small.. but every single person there is on fire for God.. it is also a little family.. kind of like ours.. but in person.. hahhaha
Now.. I can worship and feel Him so strong.. I can tangibly feel Him.. Sometimes it is so strong that I can’t stand up straight.. and I will cry for no reason.. Just like when I was walking the other night..
So you see guys.. that is why I love Jesus so much.. You don’t just get out of crack addiction.. and you don’t walk away from a broken neck and MRSA staph infection in your spine without Him either.. In the past 6 months.. almost my entire family has been restored to me.. I am in the process of making amends with the people that I have wronged and hurt thru my addiction.. He is restoring everything back to me.. and my life is better than it has ever been.. he has healed me of all of the sexual abuse too.. He has done so much for me.. and what I have told you guys barely scratches the surface.. I am supposed to be dead or paralyzed right now.. And here I am!!
I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to be alive.. to have the privilege of being in all of your lives.. I realize now that Jesus was there – the whole time..
I am going to leave yall with this..
When I first got addicted to cocaine.. I was in the downstairs bathroom of my loft shooting dope.. I put that needle in my arm.. I watched the blood go back into the syringe.. and as I did, the words to this song kept playing in my head.. the words go like this..
Created bone of His bone
Created flesh of His flesh
I am a child whose father, is the Almighty God
We were created in His image
His divine nature was imparted to me
I’m a new creation
I was created by Him
Thru him infallible –(your spirit was created infallible)
By His blood Indestructible
A new class of man
And all the power that hell may rage against me
Let it rage cause I conquer triumphantly
With the armor of God to go before me
I stand victoriously….
Anyway, I hope that my story can bring my experience, strength and hope to someone.. I am truly a walking miracle.. I am a product of the blood of Jesus Christ.. without Him, I am nothing.. It is an honor and a privilege to stand next to you guys in this last battle.. I am truly grateful to be alive.. My allegiance is to Jesus.. I am with Him to the end.. I am proud to belong to Him..
I also wanted to Thank you Jesus.. my Lord and Savior.. you are my healer, my deliverer.. the LOVE of my life!! Jesus, you are the best neuro surgeon that I ever met!! And to God my Father.. you are the best dad I could have ever asked for.. I LOVE YOU TOO!! You are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.. and Lesli Olney.. Thank you for your mercy.
by Lesli Olney