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Testimony of Sister Christine

I believe because JESUS THE CHRIST OF NAZARETH became sin, cursed for me, died in that nature, descended defeated our enemies, resurrected, and ascended to the 3rd HEAVEN where our ABBA FATHER is the GREAT APOSTLE AND HIGH PRIEST IS SEATED on the right hand of HIM, we are with JESUS, meanwhile our flesh is here on this earth being perfected IN Christ, it is a finished work. My flesh sometimes still must be transformed out of agreement with lies from religion, trauma, troubles of this life. A belief system that tries to tell me I must work, make myself “right” and do it all. It has already been done on THAT cross, I simply need to believe it all and receive it all, and according to my faith so shall it be. If I am busy “doing” I am no better than Martha, and not being a Mary. I can’t do what already has been done for me, however I can simply BELIEVE that GOD be true and every man a liar, that we need to discern the body correctly, I want to bless, love, lift up, exhort, encourage my sister’s and brother’s in CHRIST, I can do all things through HIM, by HIM, for HIM, I am a perfected work, and so are you. Sometimes we fall short of the Glory of GOD, ( THE I AM THAT I AM ) but we get up, that is what makes us winners, that is what makes JESUS Christ successful because we walk with him and talk with HIM, and it is a gift from HIM and not of ourselves lest any man should boast, so when I claim I am doing the work to get “sinless” I am calling GOD a liar!I am saying that It wasn’t enough that I was bought with the precious blood of the second ADAM! That is ANTI-CHRIST in nature and definitely NOT Christ. I do understand that the church and body of Christ has failed miserably in assisting the SAINTS, that is US ; WE ARE SAINTS, because when we receive, except, believe in JESUS CHRIST, and ALL of HIM, HIS ministry of “RECONCILIATION” HE is IN US> therefore we are one with our savior, re-deemer, companion, friend, repairer of the breech, healer, High Priest, Loyal, Royal Heirs to the throne, I am NOT; WE ARE NOT A GUILTY SINNER BUT A SAINT. I am sorry that someone lied to you, to us; to the BODY of Christ. Our names are woven in HIS robe, inscribed in HIS hands, He is our intercessor for GOD because of our fallen nature as a human being, and GOD didn’t make junk when HE made us, He knew us before HE put us in our mother’s womb. and approved of us because HE first chose us, and with the POWER of HIS love, this covers a multitude of sin. In other words when I walk in love I don;t desire to do wrong, or “sin” against myself,others and MY CREATOR