Testimony of a Sinner

I had a non-cancerous brain tumor removed in 2006. I was in the hospital ICU for 5 months. When I almost died I turned back to God. My online presence started as a medical journal of my recovery. The Chambers family here in Vermont “adopted” me rather than my being placed in a nursing home. I bought a house, we share the expenses and my medical journal turned into a spiritual journey as friends would pray for me and each other. The prayer team was officially born in 2009. My condition only worsened and in May 2012 I had to retire from my job on long term disability. Building and moderating this prayer team has become almost my full time job. Yet, I am human and have made a number of mistakes along the way. Nonetheless, here we all are now and I believe God is pleased and the enemy is very angry at me for trying to win souls over to the Lord. So I get attacked fairly often. Yes so far the Lord has protected me and the prayer team and I welcome the support to keep the team intact. Thank you for listening.