End Times and Talmud

The Talmud already in its day, stated: ‘all end times for the Redemption have passed; it now awaits only repentance'”
Since then, were generations of Talmudic commentators – Rashi, the Tosafists the Codifiers of the Jewish Law, the early commentators and the later commentators.
They all studied this statement in the Talmud, and this topic in Maimonides’ writings and in the Jewish Law, but it was only mentioned from time to time.
Then my father-in-law, the Rebbe, launched a campaign: “Immediate repentance will bring immediate Redemption.”
And it was an intense campaign:
The Rebbe instructed us to print and disseminsate this message.
There was opposition which caused him hardships, but nevertheless, he continued this campaign and directed that the message be published, in order that it be perpetuated for generations to follow.
It was printed and it exists now, we only need take the book from the shelf and review it.
Why is it so signnificant that he published it?
The Rebbe mentioned on another occasion, quoting the Tzemach Tzedek, that when something is published it is maintained for all future generations – thus indicating that what he instructed to be put in print would be vitally important even after his passing.
This make our question even stronger:
How long must we wait for Moshiach?!
This was an “end-time” predicted by the Rebbe, and since then decades have passed…?
So I searched for an answer.
The only explanation I can find: Torah states, “The leader of the generation is the entire generation;” but the responsibility must now be transferred from “the leader” to “the generation” – to every individual Jew.
In the past, the average person relied on the Rebbe – they were a part of his efforts, but they relied on the Rebbe for the results; yet despite this, the Redemption did not yet come.
Now the generation may be spiritually weaker, but at the same time, we are closer to the time of the Redemption – as the Mitteler Rebbe discusses in his discources.
This necessitates that we increase our efforts in this matter.
What can each individual do?
We must expand every effort to publicize to every Jew that by his single deed, by his single word, or by his single thought – since we are now in the era immediately preceeding Moshiach’s comming and approaching the end of this era – his every action can truly bring deliverance to the entire world!
So although in the past one relied on the Rebbes and on the “end-times” predicted by the Rebbes, now that decades have passed since the last “end-time” was predicted, it is obvious that the only thing left to do, is to alert every Jew that it is now his personal responsibility, and he must weigh his actions to bring the Redemption.
There is no alternative:
We must increase people’s awareness of Torah’s teachings about the “end-times”, about the details of the Messianic Era, and most importantly, that this isn’t just theoretical talk of books – this depends upon you, and on you; it depends on every man, woman and child – and everyone together.
Therefore, when Jews gather together, we must remind them: Listen Jews! By each person adding one single good deed, and especially by three people together adding, it can be the finishing touch needed to bring the Redemption – even in Jewish law, the “finishing touch” is one instantaneous action! That is the law in regard to the Shabbos.
And even if his intention is not purely “for the sake of Heaven,” but rather to bring deliverance to the world, the Alter Rebbe rules in the Laws of Torah Study, based on the famous Talmudic passage: “One should always study Torah and perform Mitzvos even for his own personal reasons, for ultimately this will lead him to serve G-d purely for the service itself.”
Chassidus explains this statement to mean: The Jew’s “inner” intention is always the Mitzvah itself.
This must be publicized. And this includes to publicize the campaign for the Seven Noahide Laws, to prepare the world and make it worthy of Redemption – that the world itself begin to assist in becoming truly civilized.
All this depends on the increased talk about Moshiach’s coming. And speaking about Moshiach also counters the arguments of one’s Evil Inclination.
“So many other areas of Judaism need improvement, so why begin with Moshiach and Redemption?”
“Jews have been in exile already for so many years, so what’s the matter if it will be another few years?” “Another 1,900 years is no big deal, I’m preoccupied with such lofty matters!”
Torah’s response: It is not important whether or not you’re busy; G-d is in exile, the Jewish People are in exile, and you yourself are in great spiritual exile, otherwise you would never have made such a statement!
That itself is the greatest proof, that you have sunk to the darkest depths of exile!
There is no need to search for further answers. If we don’t know what is delaying the Redemption, then we must do all those things which Torah says will hasten the Redemption.