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I am appearing in court for my 6th time on the gun charges today at 9:15 eastern time. This needs the intervention of God to have justice done. The trial has been set for Oct 22 and my lawyer is asking to be relieved. I have refused an offer to settle by the crown attorney because it requires that I plead guilty and thus really lie before God. This I will not do. Prayers for wisdom and direction are coveted. For those who have forgotten what this is about, a summary.
When I returned from my “Infiltration Tour” of speaking engagements across the US in August of 2014, I discovered that a handgun had been planted in my travel trailer. It was an illegal weapon in Canada. Someone could have planted it either in Canada or the US. This was a puzzle to me as to what to do. I showed it to my son in law (a cop) who clearly knew that it was an illegal weapon. His actions and lack of questions at the time plus the fact that he handed me back the weapon (he had loaded it and unloaded it as well) rather than taking it from me, really shocked me and caused great confusion and suspicion. That evening while my wife and I went for a ride on the Goldwing my son in law came back and took possession of the pistol and took it to the local police. The police arrived on my doorstep and arrested me and charged me with 4 counts under the Criminal Code.
As the law which led me to secure the lawyer and go the route that I did in my defence has been struck down by the Supreme Court, I must now re-evaluate what to do. I am headed toward a trial and now want it to be by Judge and Jury. A Judge has already stated a number of times that this should be settled out of court and not go to trial, but I will not plead guilty to something that I did not do. A guilty plea will restrict my movements and future efforts and “Ministry”, which I will not agree to. My lawyer does not agree and wants out now.
So your prayers for Gods direction and intervention are asked for.
– Dr. Jim Garrow –
ps The expense is now into five digits. Question – Would Mr. Obama go so far as to try and have a vocal opponent put out of the game by what is going on here? If you said yes, the bell sounded and you win a prize..