Short Hebrew Lesson

“And the Jews marveled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?” – John 7:15
I cannot remember if it was Candy or Barb but, a while back while dissecting the word “Yehoshvah” some one expressed the possible need to learn more about the Hebrew language.
While posting the above passage it occurred to me that this was a good example to point out what we are really referring to.
The Jews were not referring to Jesus ability to simply read and write as any Jewish child could. But the used the word “letters” in regards to the hidden meaning behind each Hebrew letter and even each stroke of the brush.
Take for example the name of this ministry “Yehoshvah” – which is really YHShVH. Hebrew has no vowel letters but renders vowels using dots or points.
The first letter is “yod” drawn with a single curved stroke. The third letter is “shin” which appears like a candelabra. A semi-circle with one line in the middle atop which sits 3 “yods”. “Yods” represent the divine spark each of us has within us from God and “Shin” itself is associated with fire.
The whole name in Hebrew is in the picture attached below. Note: Hebrew is written from right to left, the opposite of English.
I cannot read or write Hebrew as a language but, I was taught by Jewish friends of mine as a young man how to understand the real meaning or the Names of God I was using in my Christian asceticism. They were merciful of my ignorance and mistakes I think because they sensed I was sincere.