SCOTUS Declares America “Christian”

On Feb­ru­ary 29, 1892, The Supreme Court declared (in Holy Trin­ity v. United States) that the his­tor­i­cal record of Amer­ica over­whelm­ingly demon­strated that the United States “… is a Chris­t­ian nation.” Con­trary to this his­tor­i­cal and legal record, judges through­out the end of the twen­ti­eth cen­tury repeat­edly ruled against the place that Chris­tian­ity has enjoyed in Amer­i­can life. Rather than ren­der deci­sions con­sis­tent with the legal foun­da­tion of Amer­ica, activist judges have taken it upon them­selves to attempt to estab­lish a new foun­da­tion for Amer­i­can law–that being the sub­jec­tive opin­ions of lib­eral activist judges. Hav­ing attempted to dis­miss America’s Chris­t­ian legal foun­da­tion, these judges have labored to set Amer­ica upon a sea of rel­a­tiv­ity through their sub­jec­tive, arbi­trary, and tyran­ni­cal deci­sions. Any indi­vid­ual who dis­misses God’s law and seeks to estab­lish his own attempts to estab­lish arbi­trary and sub­jec­tive law, which is the foun­da­tion of tyranny. This was the charge of America’s Pil­grim and Puri­tan Fathers against the mon­archs of Eng­land, and it was the charge of America’s Found­ing Fathers against King George III. At the begin­ning of the twenty-first cen­tury, Chris­t­ian Amer­i­cans must rise once again against the new tyranny of activist judges and restore Amer­ica to its Chris­t­ian legal foundation.
Per­haps nowhere in Amer­i­can jurispru­dence has Christianity’s influ­ence upon America’s law been more suc­cinctly stated than in the case of the Church of the Holy Trin­ity v. United States, argued before the Supreme Court in Jan­u­ary, 1892. In 1885, Con­gress had passed the Alien Con­tract Labor Law, which pro­hib­ited “the impor­ta­tion and migra­tion of for­eign­ers and aliens under con­tract or agree­ment to per­form labor or ser­vice of any kind in the United States, its ter­ri­to­ries, and the Dis­trict of Colum­bia.” The Church of the Holy Trin­ity, New York had hired an Eng­lish (Angli­can) priest and had brought him to Amer­ica to serve their con­gre­ga­tion. When charges were brought against the church for break­ing the Alien Con­tract Labor Law, a lower court ruled against the church. But upon appeal to the Supreme Court, the jus­tices ruled in favor of the church, argu­ing the Con­gress had not intended to reg­u­late this form of ser­vice. Jus­tice David Brewer (pic­tured above) wrote the major­ity deci­sion for the court. While the first part of the rul­ing describes how the deci­sion was deter­mined, the lat­ter por­tion deals with the his­tor­i­cal proofs that demon­strate that Amer­ica is a Chris­t­ian nation. Read­ing the deci­sion of the Supreme Court below, as writ­ten by Jus­tice Brewer, will allow Amer­i­cans to dis­cern how far activist judges have moved Amer­i­can law from its Chris­t­ian foun­da­tion and why those jurists may rightly be charged as advo­cates of “tyranny”.