Rining Gone again

I have no idea why it is gone this time. The food in question was not ingested before hand. I worry about the people around me. I have gotten used to being cloistered. The only way I can count how many years I have been cloistered is to count the number of winters my truck has been idle. In reverse order, the winter solstice of 2019 was year (4). My truck sat in the driveway facing down where the tow operators left it from Burlington when they found the broken frame which is repairable. Where it is now.

Year (3) it was facing up where I have last parked it. It would not start. Year(2) in same place. Would not start. Year (1) it did start in the snow. So for lack of other evidence we will first call the Cloister Day (Bridge of Sighs) Winter Solstice of 2019. So I have been cloistered for over four years now.

A somewhat modified cloister. I am only driven as a passenger where I must go. That is either Dr. appts. or the pharmacy with Shelley. So that is all I see; the inside of a vehicle or the inside of a hospital/clinic/ Life is good. I do not regret it. I am bless beyond measure by those looking after me. I try to be independent around the “Old Quinn House”, as I would anywhere.