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The following is a copy of the letter I sent to another member of my local Tea Party group in response to the question, “Can Muslims Be Good Americans?”
My Friend,
The crux of this argument is that, after many generations, we as Americans now possess our own ethnic identity. A unique American heritage.
The following applies not only to Muslims, but to all minorities in this country. We have been ridiculed and criticized for these beliefs for generations. The Christian Patriot movement is a Godsend. I will try to state my life long beliefs as clearly as possible.
First let me introduce myself. Though I have the blood of many peoples in my veins, I DO NOT believe in the concept of multiculturalism. We as Americans are one people, not many. I am a Negro of mixed ancestry. German on my father’s side, Scots/Irish on my mother’s side and Native Seminole on both sides. I am simply, an American.
Even though I was raised in the North I am a child and product of the Confederacy. I am a living example of American history. I was raised by my parents to love and respect all parts of my ancestry. Negro, German, Irish and Seminole. The Germans, Irish and Native tribes are all my long lost cousins, I am an unhyphenated American. I am American first and only.
This country was founded by WASP’s. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They gave us a common culture; language, rule of law, faith in God. English, and the Constitution. They are the cornerstone and foundation of our society. I believe this is as our Founding Fathers intended. To build a greater nation upon the foundation of their work. A greater nation that would embrace ALL men who swore allegiance to our Republic.
No matter how you arrived in this country you MUST adhere to its culture if you wish to be part of it. You are free to leave. Slavery was wrong. It is over. Forget about it. If you are still upset. Just leave.
The founding fathers lived under the tyranny of the British Empire and I believe they truly comprehended the evils of slavery and genocide. I believe they wanted to build a new nation where “all men are created equal”.
The final conclusion is that every individual citizen must swear sole allegiance to the United State of America. This excludes people who have loyalties to any other culture. America is its own culture. When you come here and swear allegiance to it you leave behind any ethnicity you had. You are no longer British. You are no longer African. You are American. FIRST and ONLY.
If Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics or any other group refuses to give up their previous ethnicity, they cannot be Americans. If they continue to live in our society as separate cultures they must at some point integrate into the American fabric. This must start to happen with the first generation of when they set foot upon our shores. The time has come for Americans to declare their distinct ethnicity on the pages of history. So help me God.
your friend,
I have written something similar in the past; about why I am a Patriot. It bears repeating for those who have never read it. The race of both of my parents on my birth certificate says NEGRO. But I have Native on both sides of my family and some Irish on my mothers side and German on my father’s side ( hence Butts ). Therefore I do not trace my ancestry back to Africa. To most blacks I am a traitor. The beginnings of what I have become started in the Old Confederacy. I am a living breathing product of our American heritage. I can only be American. America is my ONLY home I will defend her to the death. That is the deeply personal reason why I am a Patriot. Thank you for listening.
One of the goals of the KKK was to prevent the Negro from ever gaining political power in the voting booth, because they feared that Negro’s would only use the political system to destroy the country in revenge for slavery. Thank you Mr. Obama for proving the KKK correct. As a black man I am appalled at your disgraceful disregard for the American people. I am an American, not an African. Please go back to Kenya and leave the rest of us alone who want to live in peace.
I have posed this question for years on conservative forums. What is the difference between the “United States” and the “United Nations”? The difference is that we as citizens of the United States inherited the culture and language of our Founding Fathers. These men were White Anglo-Saxon Protestants who declared that “All men are created equal” because they personally suffered under rule of a tyrant king and thus learned the true meaning of Freedom and Liberty.
These men are the root of our heritage as “Americans”. We are truly a melting pot. We pour our individual ancestries into a common bond and become a “new people” in our own right. Unlike the United Nations where each country pleads their own agenda. Often to the detriment of others. When you become an American you adopt the heritage, culture and language of our Founding Fathers.
No matter your race or ethnic background these become secondary to your allegiance to the “United States”. We are heirs to the founding of this Republic. To it we owe our first loyalty, second only to God Himself. We have become a people and ethnicity in our own right and those who refuse to swear allegiance to it and refuse to recognize the Constitution as our only rule of law, are our enemies. You must “melt” and integrate yourself info the fabric of our lives as citizens of these United States. The Founding Fathers are the cornerstone of our society. That is the difference.
Medical History:
In June of 2006 doctors discovered a tumor in my cerebellum that was blocking the flow of fluid out of my skull and into my spinal column as normal. The tumor was removed and the expectation was that once the swelling from the operation had gone down the normal flow of spinal fluid would resume.
During the months of July and August the swelling never went down resulting in hydrocephalus. The pressure continued to build in my skull until when in early September I blacked out and woke up in the hospital not knowing how I got there. The doctors placed an external drain in my skull in the expectation that all of the swelling would eventually go down. It did not.
After many complications and infections; finally in mid-November a shunt was placed in my skull to internally and permanently drain the fluid off of my brain into my abdominal cavity. I finally left the hospital in late December.
I was taken in by a close friend who is a registered nurse and remained in her home and in physical therapy until August of 2007. Sometime in 2007 I was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. for having been in the hospital ICU completely bedridden for so many months. In November of 2007 I returned to work.
I was taken in by another kind friend and her family to avoid having to placed in a nursing home. In April of 2008 we purchased a home and have remained there since in a peaceful loving environment. For this I will be eternally grateful. She and her family have had to endure the consequences of my P.T.S.D. including very violent outbursts.
In March of 2009 the shunt in my skull clogged and failed and was replaced with a second shunt. Then in May of 2011 the second shunt clogged and failed and was replaced with a third. At this point I had four brain surgeries which took its toll and in May of 2012 I was forced to retire from work on medical disability.
The tumor has done permanent damage to my vestibular system making it very difficult for me to keep my balance and walk. I use a cane. I essentially had to learn how to walk all over again, like an infant does. I have double vision and can only use one eye. I have chronic vertigo and constant nausea.
I tell this story not seeking pity but, because it is important for my friends to understand how my condition effects my behavior. The lesson I have learned from this experience is compassion for others in any kind of difficult circumstance. Jesus Christ has become my guiding light. I tell anyone in hardship that if God blesses you with an angel of mercy, do not turn them away but accept their love with gratitude.