Meaning of Soldatenhaus

What is “Soldatenhaus”?
First, it is simply translates from the German to mean “Soldiers’ Home”. It is not a reference to a soldier’s barracks, which in German is the word “kaserne” but, instead refers to a place where veterans retire in care and comfort after service to their country. Ironically, in modern times it is more likely to refer to a vacation lodge for tourists. Lets us hope the all who lodge there appreciate the sacrifices made for them.
Second, out of respect, that all veterans have proven themselves patriots by their service; the name was chosen to distinguish this website from the many groups and organizations that justly call themselves “Christian Patriot”. So the name is effect to honor all of those veterans who have given their service and even their very lives in defense of their nation. Which are the people of that nation, you and I.
As a final note let us remember the words of our Master Christ Jesus, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13 It is the true Christan Patriot who has faithfully placed their lives in the hands of God. These men and women deserve our honor and respect as well as the best care and comfort we can offer them for their sacrifices.