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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Who knows what’s right from wrong?
It all comes down to being extremely strong.
Strong to carry out your
Whether they are caused by past afflictions.
All people have gone through trials in their life,
Some easy and some full of awful strife.
It is time to stop and really think on this,
Do you choose to live it in strife or live it in bliss?
It is always your freedom of choice to make,
So make the best one for your own sake.
It is always better to treat people loving and kind,
For the payback in the end is better than being blind.
Blind to what this world has taught,
For that’s what the enemy has sought.
Sought that love is not created,
But rather is very much over rated.
By non-believer’s who do not trust,
For eventually they will go down to dust.
As God said it, it shall surely come to pass,
For the one’s who believe it
Jesus will come alas.
Alas to set all the captives free,
For The Word of God says that for you and me.
For it is written in God’s Precious Word,
Believe it in your heart for it is something you have heard.
Heard from someone who is of God and a true believer,
Not from someone who is of the enemy and of the deceiver.
Remember Jesus said He is returning with a vengeance,
Thus saith The Lord, “I will repay all those who are not in true repentance.”
My family of our Precious Lord and Savior,
This is a warning and not a favor!!!
Bless all those who are doers and practice God’s Word,
For your Kingdom is in Heaven and your voice will surely be heard.
Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of Your Kingdom,
For granting me Your amazing love, mercy and wisdom.
I will forever be grateful for all You have given,
To instruct, correct and inspire me to stay driven.
With all my love Lord always,
Your Child
Ann Alexander
(Aka Gail Ann)
Written on July 13, 2013