Guidelines for Membership

“Registration” here simply means you declare yourself present and accounted for in our fellowship. You are not obligated to any dogma or doctrine by being Brothers and Sisters in Christ with us.
You may “Register” if you agree with all of the rules below, if you do not provide your real first and last name in your profile after you register, your account will be deleted.
We never dreamed how many people would care when we removed our old group. Here are the rules. We are Conservative Christians. This is STRICTLY a spiritual group with a conservative foundation. Jesus Christ is all that matters, JESUS RULES. NO DEBATING of politics or religion. Love your brother or move on to another group. We make no apologies for being CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS, This is a Sanctuary of Peace +
There is absolutely no debating of religion or politics allowed.
We are an “Non-denominational Prayer Team”. Not a Church. You need to KEEP your faith and bring it to the table.
We tolerate ALL Christian faiths: Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal, Catholic, Moron, “Born Again”, Pentecostal and Presbyterian. We NEVER attempt to convert any one. Love Christ. Bring YOUR faith to the table.
“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” – John 13:35
“Thy Will Be Done” is the original name of this prayer team as it was founded in October of 2009. We respect their many YEARS of hard work that have gone into this fellowship.