Green Mountain Boys

by Geoffrey Fox

Who in fact are the Green Mountain Boys? Just a group of back country Vermont boys raising havoc. In fact the Green Mountain Boys were a group of a few hundred American patriots in the early American Revolutionary years that would later be considered the founding fathers of the state of Vermont.

The Green Mountain Boys were created in southwestern Vermont, and were made up of men from Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut that held land titles from New Hampshire that entitled them land between Lake Champlain and the Connecticut River, which is modern day Vermont. However, the British crown gave all of that land to New York, and ignored the New Hampshire land grants. The group gathered and joined together to keep New York settlers out of Vermont, and keep all the land for people with New Hampshire titles. They drew their name from the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The “Boys” were led by Ethan Allen, his brother Ira, their cousins Seth Warner and Remember Baker. Then by 1770 the group became an armed militia force, and when officials from New York tried to enforce their laws upon them, they failed in doing so and in certain cases were beaten by Green Mountain Boys or their followers.