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Gerald’s Testimony

MY TESTIMONY: I need to say this publicly not because I am being pathetic, having a “pity party”, or being overly dramatic but because as a “friend” on Facebook you have a right to know what my blood relatives already know,
I have been diagnosed with depression since I was a teenager. After they discovered the brain tumor in 2006 I was diagnosed with meningitis and P.T.S.D. from being in The University of Vermont Medical Center for 5 months. I have permanent brain damage. I need to say these things publicly because I have no credentials to be administrator of a prayer team. I do it because I love the Bride, the Church of Christ. So because the Lord is with me I am not sad but, optimistic about my future and I have no denomination. I follow Jesus Christ.
I will not feel sorry for myself or give up. Praise the Lord, Amen.