Ferguson Missouri

I personally am at nausea with this whole Ferguson Missouri affair. When it is all over and the smoke of idiotic violence has cleared, people won’t remember the reasons for this senseless violence. What they will remember is the images of black people acting like animals for a week now burning and looting their community. They will remember the shootings of people and the battles with police. Ferguson Mo won’t heal but just enforce the perception that all black people are violent, disgusting, ignorant animals who don’t care about the law or the legal system. People won’t remember the black man killed, the Police Officer who fired the shots, the “plight of the Black Man, and so on.
It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. Well this past week, tens of thousands of words were issued to a Nation through the week of violent images in which our Nation has witnessed. It is these images that people will remember as they have been burned into our heads by a “Story Greedy” media with an agenda, the words of self seeking “profiteers” of the likes of Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and others, and the enforcement of the already strained race relations of an American People already on the edge.
In a mere week, the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and others have been erased by Ferguson Missouri and those who stoked the fires of violence and racism in America. In a week, Ferguson Missouri has further divided America to the point that I don’t believe we will ever heal from or recover from as a Nation. In a week the images of Ferguson Missouri has only enforced on all sides the mentality that “it’s them or us”!
O the politicians will react by passing more laws to tip an already tipping scale of racial justice and equality among the races of America. They will throw billions more at a people who have first have to stand on their own two feet and build their own community themselves. The profiteers of hate and division will stuff their pockets and thump their chest crying out that “We were at Ferguson! We were fighting Whitey and the Police!!” All the while wasting the time of Law Enforcement to fight the ongoing criminal activity when they could have been investigating the case. Such stupidity! So much irresponsibility! So tragic!
Blacks say they want change and justice. Yet they break the law and act like animals to try to achieve change and justice. How can you get justice when you listen to outside groups and organization who play you as a chump and encourage you to hate and commit acts of violence? They are like vampires feeding on your hate and anger! Think!!
It is said that “Perception Is 90% Of Reality”. With the anger, violence, and images of Ferguson Missouri this week, I believe a firm foundation of “the perception of reality” has been laid out for all of America this week. Ferguson Missouri has done nothing to improve the Black Man and has done everything to create great distrust, anger, hate, and division among not only blacks and whites, but for all races across the Nation. And shame on the President of the United States and others for enforcing that distrust, anger, hate, and division here in America! My message to Blacks and other minorities is that if you want change and justice, you first much change the “Perception of Reality” here in America.