Evangelical Counsels

The three evangelical counsels in Christianity are CHASTITY, POVERTY and OBEDIENCE. This is how they appear in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church.
Can. 599 The evangelical counsel of chastity assumed
for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, which is
a sign of the world to come and a source of more
abundant fruitfulness in an undivided heart,
entails the obligation of perfect continence in celibacy.
Can. 600 The evangelical counsel of poverty
in imitation of Christ who, although he was rich,
was made poor for us, entails, besides a life which
is poor in fact and in spirit and is to be led productively
in moderation and foreign to earthly riches, a dependence
and limitation in the use and disposition
of goods according to the norm of the proper law of each institute.
Can. 601 The evangelical counsel of obedience,
undertaken in a spirit of faith and love
in the following of Christ obedient unto death,
requires the submission of the will to legitimate superiors,
who stand in the place of God,
when they command according to the proper constitutions.