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09/03/2015: Cavernbrook is the name Shelley’s granddaughter gave to our property when we first moved here. She choose that name because there is a small brook in our back yard that runs through a series of underground caverns. We have no idea how old it is or who built it.
VNH is Visiting Nurses of Vermont and New Hampshire.
Today the social worker from VNH asked “Who was that woman?”. I said my room-mate. Then she asked me if we were romantically involved. I thought about it for a second and then I said yes.
It is 18:08 and Shelley and I are watching “The Waltons” on the Hallmark channel and there was a scene where the subject came up about a ring that John Boy gave to his girlfriend. I took the opportunity to ask Shelley if she was still wearing our engagement ring. She said no.
Since we were calmly in the moment a few minutes later I told her in the kitchen about the social worker’s question. So I asked Shelley if I gave the correct answer and she said yes, we are room-mates. Then I asked Shelley if we were romantically involved like I told the social worker and Shelley said no. I gave the wrong answer and told Shelley I would correct it with VNH.
So it is official as of this day. We have no relationship other than as room-mates. I was glad that the television show gave me the opportunity to ask Shelley about our status. It was a civil conversation and we just went back to watching the Waltons together but, I went into my room for a few minutes to write this note to myself.
It is now 19:23. The television is off and Shelley is in her room on the bed reading. I knocked on the door frame so as to not to startle her and told her she could keep the ring. It is a gift. She said thank you. No one is moving because we both like the place and care about each other. I want her to still have Durable Power of Attorney because of my health. Shelley and I will have known each other for 8 years on 9/8/15 – God is Merciful.