Ecumenical Fellowship

Yehoshvah is an “Ecumenical Fellowship” in rebuilding of Christendom. This page holds the definition for Ecumenism.
We tolerate ALL Christian faiths: Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal, Catholic, Moron and “Born Again. Including any others not listed. Yehoshvah did not create Ecumenism by any means. This is NOT our idea. Read Church history and gain knowledge. We do not recommend Wikipedia because some of their material is WRONG and they know and admit it. Yet it is a good “starting point” for you to do your OWN homework.
“Ecumenism is any effort aimed at the unity of Christians throughout the world. Most often, it specifically means the visible unity of Christian churches in some form. It DOES NOT include other religions.
The Roman Catholic Church has always considered it a duty of the highest rank to seek full unity with estranged communions of fellow-Christians and, at the same time, to reject what it sees as a false union that would mean being unfaithful to or glossing over the teaching of sacred scripture and tradition.
The adjective ecumenical can also be applied to any interdenominational initiative that encourages greater cooperation among Christians and their churches, whether or not the specific aim of that effort is full, visible unity.
The terms “ecumenism” and “ecumenical” come from the Greek οἰκουμένη (oikoumene), which means “the whole inhabited world”, and was historically used with specific reference to the Roman Empire.[1] The ecumenical vision comprises both the search for the visible unity of the Church (Ephesians 4:3) and the “whole inhabited earth” (Matthew 24:14) as the concern of all Christians.