Creation by God

Creation by God.
We sat under the canopy
Of majestic Redwood trees
My Lord and me
I put my head on His chest
Telling my Lord I loved Him best
Asking Lord, why do you love us so much
Because you are mine, my cheek He touched
Not knowing what to say
I listened to stillness of the day
Bowing my head, I prayed
Lord, when I am weak
As a seedling heaven to reach
Make me strong as a Redwood tree
May Your beauty be seen through me
Sun filters through the branches
The birds sing, deer scatter
Tiny squirrels with their chatter
Can you smell the essences of the woods
It took my breath as I respectfully stood
God’s grandeur, His love understood
But only to walk this bit heaven on earth
It is through His creation we feel our worth
Come, come and see the beauty of His land
Made by God’s mighty hand..