Blame: The Ultimate Denial of the Truth

Blame: The Ultimate Denial of the Truth:
Obama plays this game with aplomb. He targets his object of scorn and “freezes” the opposition into defensive positioning, denial or rebuttal. All of which are a losing game and outlined in Rules for Radicals as effective strategies. What “We The People” have yet to learn is that a morality free person, a heart in service to ideology versus truth, cannot be trusted to speak that which frees and produces the fruits of Gods Spirit. These words captivate and enslave and doom the listener who does not rely on the Spirit of truth to a belief in a lie. Much action on the part of sinful man has been predicated on a lie. Wars have been fought, murders committed and families destroyed based on that which issues from the Father of Lies, Satan himself.
When the occupant of the White House oozes his words of flattery, or blame, lilting refrains of deceit or misdirection, realize the core of his being is not servant to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but to his master the leader of the demons of earth, the fallen angels whose limited time on this planet seek destruction and death for man. In tandem with his undermining of Christianity and his unbridled support of allah and the muslim faith he seeks the destruction of all who do not share his ideology and do not bow the knee to this vision of a new world order.
When the crisis hits that Obama orchestrates, his authority will be used to round up Christians, veterans, and all those whom he has declared previously to be would be “homegrown terrorists”, all the while opening the door to the real terrorists who would see us dead or submissive to their false God and false prophet. This generation will live to see the time when the suffering will be so great that we will “call for the mountains to fall on us” and end our pain.
We need to remember in all that we do that it is better to die as free people than to live as slaves. And if you wonder how I could celebrate death so easily, I merely follow the Founding Fathers and their deep understanding of men who would be Gods versus serving the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who makes us free indeed.
– Dr. Jim Garrow –