Be Free

It breaks my heart to see Christians being slaves to group think–some idea that we have to be a completed work the day we believe. Yet we are so not until we die, which means there are people living under the strain of faking it. The tension for you if you are living under this strain must be unbearable. Stop and breathe! Just think that like the song says, “one of these days I’m gonna see just what became of me on the day that I believed and you took myself from me. And I believe I will see what I would’ve been if you didn’t save me.” In those times when you want to give up because of how far you have to go, think of how far He’s brought you. It’ll make you smile. And just like we love our kids through every crazy stage, so does He! So stop all this nonsense of pretending to be perfect. None of us are buying it, least of all your Maker. Stop trying to be like your spiritual mentor down to the way he speaks, his gestures, and his every thought. We were not made to be clones of each other. Be happy, embrace the beautiful mess we humans are, and be the real you. Be free!!!