Truth About Islam

Their god has no son. He is totally detatched and void of human nature and feelings and so he calls for murder and suicide, and his servants willingly accept his death wish upon them and everybody else for an empty promise of a reward in some fabled paradise IF they can please him for their prophet has claimed it to be so. But I serve a God who has a Son who descended to Earth to live amongst us as one of us so that I wouldn’t have to die because of sin, and He has promised life and a reward of living in eternity with Him, His sacrifice and His grace being all sufficient to please the Father.
It is a common misconception that God so wants to punish people in eternal torment. That is not His goal at all, for He offers life to us because mankind has been ravaged with sin and the only way we can live is to accept His cure through His blood. He absorbed that death for us by willingly taking on the sin of each and everyone of us and depositing that sin into Hell so that we might live, but here is the clincher, we must choose to accept that salvation. That gift so graciously offered. God warned man in the Garden not to be disobedient to His guidance and wisdom.
God gave a choice and mankind failed. God didn’t have to do what He did, but because of love for His creation, His children, He did. I’m afraid that Baal, or Allah as he is known today, I call him Satan to be honest, has yet to offer such life out of the love of his heart. God did. And so those who follow this false god exist to bring only death because in them there is no hope and they follow in the footsteps of the destroyer, their father, the Devil.