Attacks on my Judgement

Gail​ – I am glad that you said that because it is very true. Some of the errors and upheavals and regroupings were ATTACKS ON MY JUDGEMENT as steward of this group. Those who left the group in anger at ME could not see that my judgement was being clouded and attacked by the enemy. Yes, the enemy is after us. One of the original members who left Facebook for Facebook reasons said that she saw demons mounting wanted posters on the wall of hell with MY NAME ON THEM for daring to form a group of Christians united from different denominations. A UNITED CHRISTENDOM ?! Yes, the enemy is VERY angry and will attack us. Yes, you are most correct. That is one reason why I bought Cynde​ and Candy​ back against the decision of another admin who has since left on her own. Karen​ and Patti​ are very wise women and understand what is going on here. God bless you Gail †
Even though I believe there were attacks on my judgement from the enemy, I still must take full responsibility for my actions and nothing I have posted is meant to imply that I am not responsible.
As steward of the Yehoshvah prayer team; anything that any member of this team says or does, I will be held responsible God, with the member, for the consequences. This cosmic principle.