They removed a non-cancerous tumor from my cerebellum in June of 2006 The tumor was blocked the flow of fluid that surrounds the brain. The swelling from the operation never went down. This forced them to implant a “shunt: in the right side of my brain to drain the fluid. Young people seem to tolerate shunt implants with less of a problem. Older patients seems to experience more complications, clogging, etc.

I returned to work in November of 2007 after 5 months in the hospital with Meningitis that developed. The first shunt failed in March of 2009 and then again in May of 2011. I never really recovered from the 4th brain surgery so by May of 2012 I was forced by the inability to do my work to permanently retire from my career as a computer engineer and programmer. I have been on Long Term Disability ever since. I am not the same person.

Update: It has been a mixed bag. Some of my cognitive abilities are very, very slowly returning but the PTSD has arrived full blast almost (11) years after the actual trauma in 2006.

I have PNES (Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizure)

The Laminectomy operation is complete. Thank you everyone for your Love and Light.